3 steps that can make your book a bestseller

August 2, 2019    Raja Singho

3 steps that can make your book a bestseller

It’s almost every indie author’s dream to top the bestseller chart. Who doesn’t want to grab a million dollar deal for the next book or signing autographs on thousands of print to order copies?

With smart phone on every palm, the pattern of media consumption shifted towards e-devices. This has of course made a huge impact on the publishing industry. Accessibility of fast internet connection improved the read on-the-go habit. Amazon KDP alone shows how the e-book market is immensely evolving and thriving. The freedom of self-publishing platforms unleashed this e-book industry growth like a speeding skyrocket. And there are millions of e-books coming out every year. With the recent ease of technology usage, the e-book industry is here to stay.

Statistia, a statistics portal that shows statistics and studies from over 22,500 sources, forecast a projection of nearly $ 20 billion revenue from e-books by 2018. Amazon alone sells 517.5 thousand e-books every day. The global market for e-publishing is $173 billion.

More and more indie authors are grabbing a pie of this billion dollar market by topping the bestseller chart. What it takes to be a bestseller? What is the secret?

Step -1

Title, let it speak loud and clear: Wendy van de poll’s book ‘My Dog Is Dying: What Do I Do? Emotions, Decisions, and Options for Healing’, the title grabbed many dog lovers’ attention instantly. Not just a best-selling book, but her eloquent and the heart touching writing also won her an award in Pet Bereavement Series. The second from this series’ is My Dog Has Died: What Do I Do?: Making Decisions and Healing The Trauma of Pet Loss’. Again, it topped the best selling chart.

Carly Danielle, a former teacher wrote the book ‘The toxic truth – 7 things I wish I knew before Cancer’ about her encounter with the killer disease when her brother and uncle diagnosed with cancer.

The book title and the descriptive one liner play an extremely decisive role, to grab the readers eyes. If you gaze through the non-fiction bestseller chart you will recognize a pattern. Mostly self help books with a clean and clear title with an apparent one line description are the top of the chart.

‘Conversation Casanova’ by Dave Perrotta is a best seller with a rating of four and half star. With a creative title like this, there is scope for conjecture about the book, so the one line description, ‘How to effortlessly start conversation and flirt like a pro’ nails it all.

The title of the book must state the ‘unique content’ of your book loud and clear. If you manage to do that, you are one step closer towards your ‘bestseller’ dream.

Step – 2

Cover, the attention grabber: You have an expensive suit length, your want a well stitched, well fitted business suit. So what you do? Do you open a ‘do it yourself’ video or wikihow to cut and stitch your suit? If your answer is yes, go ahead and design your cover. If you understood the consequences, then leave it to the professionals. Leave it to the trained eyes who have the knowledge of design aesthetics and who have a mastery over typography. He knows why not to use the font ‘ITC Zaph chancery’ for your cover page. He knows the logical eyeflow and the usage of colour. The book cover reflects the sense of aesthetics that somehow creates an assurance of quality of the content in readers mind.

Book cover is your first sales pitch. I have rarely seen a bestseller with a lousy book cover. Your book cover must not be cluttered. Designers know how to bring method in the madness, so hire a good designer. Treat Book cover like an expensive real estate, the front cover, spine as well as back cover, all of them has their own respective roles to play for the printed books. In case of e-books, it’s just the front cover that you require. Use a powerful visual as a glimpse to the core idea of the book. The cover can be visual based or idea based. I personally prefer an idea based cover with strong graphic representation. Important points for a stunning cover: 1) Plan for your cover in advance, give ample time to crack the cover concept. 2) Do not download and use an image, photograph, illustration without valid permission. 3) Use high resolution photographs only. 4) Do not use a disturbing visual even if the topic is disturbing. 5) Use readable and relatable typography and 6) last but not the least, hire a designer.

Step 3

Book description, the story at a glance : You already attracted your reader with an attention grabbing title and jaw dropping cover, the third and most important part is to translate your readers attention in to action. You have crossed the first two hurdles, now the 3rd most important step that can make your reader click the buy button is a winning book description.

Write your book description like an ad. It’s the reason to buy and not a synopsis of your book. Many books do not make enough sales because of a non attractive book description. Treat it like a trailer of a film that brings out highlight points.

Clearly define the “why”. Why it’s relevant to your audience, and how it’s offering a particular solution. Don’t be shy to make the point absolutely clear at the very first line. Craft your sentences with powerful keywords; remember you have only five to six lines to create an impression. Choose the keywords carefully to define the efficacy of your book. If necessary, use bullet points. Feel free to send it to the people who are close to you to find out whether the paragraph is compelling enough for them to walk towards the billing counter or move their cursor to the ‘buy now’ button and press click.

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