Is your book doing enough for you?

December 1, 2020    Raja Singho

Is your book doing enough for you?

A few days ago I received a call from an elderly lady. After the initial exchange of greetings, she revealed ‘I have authored eight books’.

‘Wow congratulations’, I feel very happy whenever I interact with an author or a person with an idea.

‘That’s fabulous ma’am’, my excitement expressed in my voice spontaneously.

‘But you know what…my books are not selling enough, and I see publishers stopped showing interest in publishing my books anymore.’

‘That’s very natural from the publisher’s part ma’am, isn’t it? They are entrepreneurs, they are here to do business, so they will naturally put their more promotional effort where they see more possibility.’

She paused for a moment, I can hear, she has taken a few sips of water and asked in a very disappointed voice ‘Can you help me out?’

I understood, like several authors, she is left with a pile of books and she does not know what to do with those.  All she wants from me is not only a book marketing strategy but an implementation of the strategy in a systematic manner.

Let me tell you, my dear friends, she is not alone, there are many authors got fixed the similar way, many good authors lost loads of money and forsaken the dream of making writing as a career.

Again I must admit its part of the author’s limitation as well. Most of the authors are not marketing savvy, and mostly they look up to those bestselling authors where publishing house takes the entire marketing and distribution responsibility. But please remember, not everyone reaches that stage from day one.

Not just an author, Be an author-entrepreneur

Till now your thought was processed like an author, now it’s time to wear another hat; you have to be an entrepreneur as well. You have to think like an entrepreneur, behave like an entrepreneur, and take a risk like an entrepreneur.

The best part of an entrepreneurship is you start generating an idea for your product, which is here your book.

Unless and until you get into the entrepreneur mode there is a bleak chance that you may see a jump in your book sales.


Your book is your product, an intellectual product. By now you have ensured the content of your product is superior in quality. You have painstakingly packaged it well, and finally, you have a ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ kind of assurance in your mind.

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