Raja Singho’s Author – Entrepreneur workshop

A step-by-step program to
write, edit, publish and market
your book effortlessly


Why author-entrepreneurship?

The main objective of this workshop is to demonstrate how authoring a book can create a visible brand for you. The sole purpose of this workshop is to establish your credibility and authority. Spread over two weekends, the author-entrepreneur workshop is designed in an extremely structured method. Numerous tools and techniques can help aspiring authors identify their book topic, select their target audience, define the unique selling proposition of their book and also create a strong positioning statement for the book. You will learn to create strategy for your book marketing plan and implement it. Raja Singho’s signature program will help you become an exceptional story creator and also a magnificent storyteller.


For whom is this course best suitable for?

Entrepreneurs, public speakers, business owners, motivators, trainers and also aspiring authors.
The power of your story is incredible only if you know how to use it. All visionaries and entrepreneurs have a thing in common; they have authored a book or two. They have realised that the power of their story can motivate millions and increase their brand value, create credibility instantly. They also have created a massive fan-following which contributed to their popularity as well as business growth.

7 reasons

Why every entrepreneur, public speaker, trainer, business owner should author a book?


  1. Book gets you attention.
  2. People remembers stories not advertisement
  3. A book helps you to connect high net worth people
  4. A book draws clients to you
  5. A book can sell your physical product
  6. A book gets you to speaking or consulting assignments
  7. A book is the most intelligent tool to create your personal brand

A complete result-oriented comprehensive workshop

Program Objective

  • This program will help you author a book and showcase your mastery.
  • Learn to use your book as an ideal marketing tool for yourself
  • This course is designed to help you author a book with an Entrepreneur mindset
  • To internalise knowledge of various writing and publishing tools and techniques
  • To help you with easy-to-follow and implementable book writing techniques
  • Simplest methods implement even amidst your busy  schedule
  • To create credibility and authority in a cluttered marketplace
  • To connect with high-net worth individuals by showcasing your authority with your published book

Program Outcome

  • Learn how your BIG IDEA can transform into a business story
  • Storytelling skills to ATTRACT and INFLUENCE CUSTOMERS
  • Create yourself a BRAND using your intellectual property
  • Successful LAUNCH STRATEGY to make your book a BESTSELLER
  • The most sought after by authors and publishers ‘READER’S ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY’
  • How to turn your READERS into your FAN

100+ Book titles

Major Takeaways

Learn his best kept secret ‘How I sold my book, even before it was published’.

Success Stories

Dr. Venkat Kumaresan

Book - Father of your Team
Dr. Venkat Kumaresan

An enterprising leader, Keynote speaker and a Management coach

Mr M. C. Kalaimamani

Book - Vibrations towards your dreams
Mr M. C. Kalaimamani

An entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author

Dr Jay

Book - Scaling Up Microfinance: What Next
Dr Jay

Author – cum – Transformative Trainer

Ribai N

Book - Ducks Quack Eagles Soar
Ribai N

IT Engineering & Operations Leader | Business Analyst | Psychologist…

Take your first step author a book

Raja Singho’s

Author –Entrepreneur Workshop

A step-by-step program to write, edit, publish and market your book effortlessly

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