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Create a lasting impression


Copy editor

I say it’s mandatory to get your manuscript edited by a professional copy-editor. A copy-editor ensure that your manuscript is consistent, complete and well written. It’s grammatically correct. A copy editor makes your initial material ready for publication.

We have professional copy editors who edit for international publication houses. Choose your copy editor best suited for your book, and budget.


Your book should not have the spelling error, grammatical error or typing error. Our eagle-eyed proofreaders will do it with precision and perfection. Choose your proofreader best suited for your budget.

Cover designer

You will never get a second chance to make your first impression. Our book cover designers mostly from reputed art colleges, they are masters in visual language. They will give you the best visual design, best typography, and best composition. Create a stunning cover design best suited to your subject and of course, for your budget.


We have the finest illustrators with us. Be it a contemporary or retro, comic, graffiti or conceptual, we have it all. You can either give us an illustration sample or let our illustrators suggest the best illustrative style suitable for your book. From the cover to inside pages, get the best illustration suited to your subject and of course, for your budget.